Our clubs are jointly dedicated to the advancement of the coin and currency collecting hobby. We embody the concept that coin and currency collecting is much like an interest in history or art. This great national hobby began in the United States during the colonial days. Numismatics includes interests in ancient, historic, or modern coins. Tokens, medals, and currencies are also included. Both US and World coins and currency are collected as well.

Our clubs promote this hobby through educational activities which include presentations, displays, auctions, and periodic coin shows in each club’s home location as well as social gatherings which promote the sharing of ideas, collecting knowledge, and hobby information. Each club holds monthly meetings. Interaction and club membership are encouraged for individuals, family, and especially young collectors of all ages. Special activities are planned for the youth from time to time.

Persons that may just be curious about coin collecting, the beginning collector, those who are advanced in the hobby, and those that are collectors of long standing are welcomed at our club meetings and shows. One great thing about the meetings and shows is that they are free to attend! Buy, sell, trade, or just browse. It is all fun, exciting, and educational. Refreshments are provided and who knows, attendees may also win a prize.